Automation Equipment For Auto Parts Industry

Auto parts industry

For the auto parts industry, we have independently developed welding equipment such as brake shoe seam welding machine, fillet welding machine, plug welding machine and brake pad steel back spot welding machine. At the same time, we have developed brake dust cover milling machine and brake shoe grinding machine. Assembly automation, the brake assembly production line realizes automatic operations such as automatic screwing, automatic gluing, and automatic laser typing. Greatly meet the needs of brake manufacturers.

Different Types of Automation equipment for auto parts industry From XIHE

Brake Shoe Welder
Brake shoe welding machine is a device for the welding of brake hooves, mainly including single-rib seam welding machine, double-rib plug welding, fillet welding, etc.
Brake Pad Spot Welder
The spot welding machine adopts an intermediate frequency controller, which has high control precision and stable output current, which saves power compared with the power frequency.
Brake Shoe Grinder
It is used for grinding the outer arc of bonded or riveted brake shoes. The four-station divider is used for positioning, and the rotation error is less than 0.03mm.
Brake Assembly Line
The brake assembly line is an automated assembly line tailored for forklift brakes, and customized equipment combined with the forklift brake assembly process.
Automatic Milling Machine
The equipment is used in the milling of the boss of the forklift brake bottom plate, which can realize automatic rotation, avoid the milling cutter, and call 10 sets of programs at will.
Dust Cover Welding Machine
The equipment adopts two sets of brand gas shielded welding machines to ensure the regular spot welding function, 100% guarantee the size of the welding spot, and very little welding spatter.

How Does Automation Equipment for Auto Parts Industry Work?

Advantages of Automation Equipment for Auto Parts Industry


Automatic welding equipment tailored for brake shoes in the auto parts industry. The equipment is fully combined with the factory's own product requirements and is configured with well-known brand accessories.


All equipment is independently developed and produced, and the equipment adopts humanized design, which has the advantages of being easy to understand, easy to learn, and easy to operate.


The surfaces of all accessories have been treated with blackening, electroplating, oxidation, painting and plastic spraying to ensure that the equipment can work normally in a relatively harsh environment.

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