Automation Equipment For Other Industry

Other industry

Fully consider product characteristics and improve product quality. We have carried out non-standard equipment research and development for some special industries. At present, the welding and forming of stainless steel strips of gas meters for instruments and meters has been automated, and automatic feeding, positioning, correction, alignment, welding, and unloading are adopted for the fire extinguisher cylinder. , completely reduce the labor intensity of the operator. For the trash cans used in hotels, we have designed a welding and forming integrated production line. The equipment has a beautiful appearance, and the fuselage structural accessories are all well-known brands.

Different Types of Automation equipment for other industry From XIHE

Instrument Welding Machine
It adopts four-station forming, mechanical arm grabbing, and continuous laser welding. Realize the automatic production of welding and forming.
Fire Extinguisher Welding Machine
Automatic feeding, positioning, correction, alignment, welding, unloading. Reduce the labor intensity of operators and improve work efficiency.
Garbage Can Welder
The best choice for the production of trash cans in hotels, welding and forming integration, small footprint, high efficiency, 10 to 15 can be completed per minute.

How Does Automation Equipment for Other Industry Work?

Advantages of Automation Equipment for Other Industry


Gas instrument stainless steel strip welding equipment has high welding efficiency. The equipment adopts high-precision servo motor feeding and high-speed starting clamping device, which can realize the precision cutting and welding of steel strip.


The fire extinguisher cylinder automatic welding machine consists of three stations. The end of the trough is equipped with a material-free detection function. During the welding process, the operator only needs to be responsible for assembling the semi-finished fire extinguisher cylinders on the designated rack, and arrange them in order.


The equipment adopts continuous laser welding technology. The welding speed of the equipment can reach 10-15 pcs /1 minute, the welding width can reach 50-160mm, the thickness of stainless steel is 0.2-0.8mm (when the thickness of steel strip is greater than 0.5, the width of steel strip shall not be greater than 80), and the welding diameter of steel ring can reach φ 200-650mm.

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