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Seam welder machine, also known as an automatic seam welding machine, is a welding machine primarily used for welding metals in a longitudinal or circumferential direction. It is designed to join two similar or dissimilar metals continuously, creating a leak-proof and strong welded joint. The seam welder machine works by applying pressure and heat to the metal sheets, creating a seam between them. Automatic seam welding machines are typically computer-controlled and are highly accurate, ensuring high-quality welding results. They are widely used in various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and metal fabrication, where high production rates and consistent weld quality are essential. If you want to know more about automatic seam welding machine price, cost, and seam welding equipment, Please do not hesitate to contact Xihe laser welding machine China manufacturer.

Different Types of Seam Welder From XIHE

Laser Seam Welding
The laser seam welding machine is an automatic equipment that integrates the automatic completion of multiple processes of rounding, cutting, welding and forming. High efficiency and low cost.
Longitudinal Seam Welder
Our Xihe automatic longitudinal seam welding machine is the most versatile aluminum seam welder on the seam welding machine market. It is designed to fill wide gaps, effectively seal walls and bevels,...
Resistance Seam Welding
It is applicable to the positioning and welding of the weld at the outer corner formed by the double rib arc plate and rib plate of the brake shoe assembly of heavy duty vehicles.

Is Seam Welder Strong?

During the seam welding process (intermittent) seam welding, each solder joint also goes through three stages of pre-pressing, heating by heating and cooling and crystallization. However, due to the rapid change of the relative position between the roller electrode and the weldment during seam welding, these three stages are not as obvious as those in spot welding. It can be considered that: 1) Under the direct pressing of the roller electrode, the metal being heated by electricity is in the "electric heating stage". 2) The adjacent metal that is about to enter under the roller electrode is subjected to certain preheating and partial pressure of the roller electrode, and it is in the "pre-pressing stage". 3) The adjacent metal that has just come out from under the roller electrode starts to cool on the one hand, and at the same time is subjected to the partial pressure of the roller electrode, which is in the "cooling and crystallization stage".

Is Seam Welder Strong?

Advantages of Seam Welding


Consistency: Automatic seam welders produce consistent and uniform welds, ensuring high-quality results every time.


Efficiency: Automatic seam welders can simulate the work of several welding operators, making the welding process more efficient, minimizing welding time and increasing production rates.


Precision: Automatic seam welders use advanced technology, such as sensors and robotics, to ensure accuracy in the welding process. The precision welding produces precise welds, reducing or eliminating distortions and ensuring high-quality welding results.


Cost-effective: Despite the initial seam welding machine price, automatic seam welders are cost-effective options for companies that require uniform, high-quality welding results over long periods. This is because they require minimal human intervention and provide consistent results, reducing the workload and costs associated with manual welding.

Maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of automatic seam welding machines

Automatic seam welding machines are widely used in various industries for welding metal sheets and components together. These machines are highly efficient and cost-effective, but like any other machine, they require proper maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


Maintenance of automatic seam welding machines involves regular cleaning, lubrication, and inspection of the machine components such as the weld head, electrodes, power supply, and control system. This helps to prevent wear and tear, reduce the risk of breakdowns, and maintain consistent weld quality.


In the event of a breakdown or malfunction, repair of automatic seam welding machines involves diagnosing the problem, identifying the faulty component, and replacing or repairing it as necessary. This is typically done by qualified service technicians who have the skills and knowledge to diagnose and repair complex welding equipment.


Troubleshooting of automatic seam welding machines involves identifying and resolving issues related to machine performance, weld quality, and safety. Common problems include inconsistent welding, improper electrode positioning, and electrode wear. Troubleshooting can help to improve efficiency, reduce scrap, and ensure the safety of operators.


In conclusion, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of automatic seam welding machines are essential to ensure reliable and efficient operation. Regular maintenance and prompt repair of faults can help to prevent breakdowns and prolong the life of the machine. Similarly, troubleshooting can help to address performance issues and improve productivity.

automatic seam welding machine features

Xihe automatic seam welding machine manufacturer offers a range of advanced features that ensure precision and efficiency in the welding process.

  • Travel Accuracy: The seam welding equipment is equipped with high-precision servo motors and advanced control systems, ensuring accurate and consistent travel speed and positioning. This results in precise and uniform welds, reducing the need for rework and enhancing overall productivity.

  • Powered Carriage: The automatic seam welding machines feature a powered carriage system that allows for smooth and controlled movement along the seam. This feature eliminates the need for manual pushing or pulling, reducing operator fatigue and improving welding quality.

  • Hold-Down Fingers: To ensure proper alignment and stability during welding, our automatic seam welding machines are equipped with adjustable hold-down fingers. These fingers securely hold the workpiece in place, preventing any movement or distortion during the welding process.

  • Plate Thickness: The automatic seam welding machines are designed to handle a wide range of plate thicknesses, offering versatility and flexibility in various welding applications. Whether it’s thin sheet metal or thick plates, our machines can deliver consistent and reliable welds.

  • Welding Equipment Flexibility: The seam welding machines are compatible with various welding equipment, including MIG, TIG, and plasma welding systems. This flexibility allows customers to choose the welding method that best suits their specific requirements and ensures optimal welding performance.

  • Optional Gas Purge Back-Up Bar: For applications that require a clean and controlled welding environment, our seam welding machines offer an optional gas purge back-up bar. This feature creates a protective atmosphere around the weld, preventing oxidation and ensuring high-quality welds in critical applications.

applications of automatic seam welding machine in various industries

Automatic seam welding machine technology has been around for many years and has been extensively used in the manufacturing of products across various industries. With the advancement of technology, new and emerging applications of automatic seam welding are gaining traction in different markets.


One of the emerging applications of automatic seam welding machines is in the automotive industry. The welding technology is finding increased use in the welding of battery packs and electric powertrain components. The aerospace industry is also embracing automatic seam welding machines for the production of aircraft components with complex geometry.


Automatic seam welding machine is also being used in the production of medical implants such as pacemakers and artificial joints. The technology provides a high level of precision that ensures the safety and efficacy of these medical devices.


The food industry is not left behind in the adoption of automatic seam welding technology. The technology is used to weld complex food packaging materials such as metal cans, pouches, and trays.


In the renewable energy sector, automatic seam welding is used in the production of solar panels, batteries, and wind turbines. The technology provides a reliable and efficient method of welding the complex components required in these applications.


Automatic seam welding machine technology is constantly finding new applications in various industries, owing to its ability to produce high-quality welds quickly and accurately. With the increase in demand for automation of manufacturing processes, it is expected that new and innovative applications of the technology will be discovered in the future.

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