Stainless Steel Welding Machine

Stainless Steel Welding Machine

The Xihe Stainless Steel Laser Welding Machine adopts laser continuous welding technology, high-precision servo motor feeding, high-speed clamping, and other patented technologies, and combines multiple processes. This welding equipment has production advantages such as high efficiency, high quality, and high energy saving. At the same time, the Xihe Stainless Steel Welding Equipment is suitable for welding stainless steel strips in various industries, making it the best choice for production enterprises. Contact us today for more information and competitive stainless steel welding machine prices. Upgrade to Xihe's advanced stainless steel automatic welding machine for improved production efficiency and profitability.

Different Types Of Stainless Steel Welding Machine From XIHE

Stainless Steel Punching Machine
Equipment for automatic punching of stainless steel with steam holes for various types of glass pot lids.
Stainless Steel Belt Crimping Machine
Equipment for realizing automatic crimping of stainless steel belt in Kitchenware and other industries.
Stainless Steel Belt Stretching Machine
Automatic stretching equipment for rapid stretching of stainless steel rings of glass pot lids.
Stainless Steel Belt Chamfering Machine
Automated equipment for customized production of G-ring pressure angle for glass pot lids.
Stainless Steel Belt Laser Welder
Fully automatic multi-industry stainless steel belt laser cutting seamless welding equipment.
Stainless Steel Angle Pressing Machine
Automated equipment for customized production of G-ring pressure angle for glass pot lids.

How To Choose Stainless Steel Welding Machine?

Each industry has different quality standards, and the material of stainless steel is also different, so please tell us some of your relevant information, and we will help you match the most suitable stainless welding machine for you. Xihe's laser welding machine for stainless steel is the perfect solution for welding glass pot lids, net baskets, oil grids, sieves, paper drums, trash cans, and other stainless steel materials. Xihe is your ideal welding equipment manufacturer. We hope to move forward hand in hand with you and achieve a win-win situation.

How To Choose Stainless Steel Welding Machine?

3 Common Methods For Using Stainless Steel Welding Machine

Laser continuous welding is the most advanced welding technology for stainless steel at present.


Preparations before starting the laser welding machine: Check whether the power supply and water circulation of the laser welding machine are normal; check whether the gas connection of the equipment in the machine is normal; check whether the surface of the machine is free of dust, spots, oil, etc.


Laser welding machine on/off 

Start the laser welding machine: Turn on the power supply, turn on the main power switch; turn on the water cooler, laser generator, etc. in sequence; open the argon valve, adjust the gas flow; input the current work parameters to be executed; Perform welding operations. 

Laser welding machine shutdown: Exit the program, turn off the laser generator; shut down in order except.


Precautions for safe use of laser welding machine: During operation, in case of emergency (water leakage, abnormal sound from the laser, etc.), press the emergency stop immediately and cut off the power quickly; the external circulating water switch of laser welding must be turned on before operation.

Best practices for cleaning and preparing stainless steel surfaces before welding

Cleaning and preparing the stainless steel surfaces before welding is an essential step in ensuring a high-quality weld. Here are some best practices to follow:


  • Remove Contaminants: Start by thoroughly cleaning the stainless steel surface to remove any dirt, oil, grease, or other contaminants. Use a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid using solvents, which can leave a residue that can negatively impact the welding process.

  • Remove Oxides: Stainless steel can develop oxides on its surface, which can interfere with the welding process. Remove the oxide layer by brushing or grinding along the welding line.

  • Avoid Cross-Contamination: To avoid cross-contamination, clean the welding surface and tools separately from other materials. Use dedicated cleaning tools for stainless steel surfaces.

  • Use the Right Filler Material: The filler material used to join the stainless steel pieces should match the properties of the base material. Use a filler material with a similar composition and corrosion resistance.

  • Control Heat Input: Excessive heat can cause warping and reduce the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel. Control the heat input by using a lower welding current and a shorter arc length.

  • Use Backing Gas: Backing gas can help prevent oxidation and improve the quality of the weld. Use inert gases such as argon or helium as backing gas during the welding process.


By following these best practices for cleaning and preparing stainless steel surfaces before welding, you can ensure a clean surface, prevent contamination, and achieve a high-quality welded joint.

Common welding defects in stainless steel and how to prevent them?

Stainless steel is a versatile material for welding, but it is also prone to welding defects. Knowing the common defects and how to prevent them is essential to ensure a high-quality weld. Here are some common welding defects in stainless steel and how to prevent them:


  • Porosity: Porosity is caused by gas pockets trapped in the weld. To prevent porosity, make sure to clean and prepare the welding surface properly, use dry filler materials, and maintain the correct arc voltage and welding speed.

  • Cracking: Cracking can occur during or after the welding process, often due to excessive heat input. To prevent cracking, keep the heat input low, use a preheat treatment if necessary, and avoid high temperature cycles.

  • Lack of Fusion: Lack of fusion occurs when the weld does not completely fuse with the base material. To prevent this, ensure that the welding conditions are adequate, such as the welding speed, current, voltage, or filler material size.

  • Burn Through: Burn through happens when the welding current is too high, leading to excessive heat input and melting through the material. To avoid burn through, use a lower welding current and slower welding speed.

  • Distortion: Distortion happens due to excessive heat input. To minimize it, use a smaller electrode, work in smaller sections, and use the appropriate tacking method.


By understanding the common welding defects in stainless steel and how to prevent them, you can improve the quality of your welds and create stronger, more reliable welds.


Stainless Steel Welding Machine Applications You May Also Interested In

Chemical Industry
Chemical Industry

Extensive use of seamless welding equipment for stainless steel strips in many industries, using continuous water-cooled laser welding technology, after welding, the surface of the product has no creases, no scratches, and is bright and beautiful.

Kitchenware Industry
Kitchenware Industry

It is suitable for the stretching process after the welding and crimping of stainless steel strips in the kitchen utensil industry, which saves labor costs, and perfectly cooperates with the previous process to realize automatic stretching production.

Hotel Supplies Industry
Hotel Supplies Industry

Supporting the crimping process of the stainless steel belt of the trash can after welding in the hotel supplies industry. The crimping method is inverted, no need to add any lubricant, and the automatic production is completed with the welding machine.

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